The Custom T-Shirt Design Process

We know you have many questions about the custom t-shirt design process and how we provide service to you and those in the area. We have built this page for you, to give you knowledge of the process and how we do things at Steer Custom T-Shirt Design.

We want you to feel comfortable with our product and the service we provide so we want to give you insight in our custom t-shirt designs. What is it made of, why do we want you to submit your own design and how to do it. In the next subheadings, we will give you those answers.

The Product? What is it made of?

Beginning with our t-shirts. They are made of 100 percent cotton material, perfect for hot summers and comfortable to wear. They are made by Hanes and Gildan and we receive them directly from the warehouse.

Our designs are made out of heat transfer vinyl material which is perfectly designed to be put on cotton t-shirts. We have tried and tested different types of material and this one has been more long lasting and of better quality. Our heat transfer vinyl is made by Siser N.A., which is an excellent company that specializes in these types of materials.

What Is The Custom T-Shirt Design Process?

One of the workstations -
One of our workstations -

How do we make it happen? What do we do? We have special hardware that cuts the vinyl to the exact size and shape of every design. It cuts the vinyl perfectly to a maximum of 12 by 12 size. Any design outside of that size, we have to combine two different vinyl cuts to make a larger design. When combining colors, we measure and place each vinyl design separately. This is just the beginning of the custom t-shirt design process.

the press machine at one of our workstations -

Besides that, we heat the t-shirt with a press iron just enough to warm up the cotton material. We place the vinyl onto the shirt and use the large press iron to transfer the material with high temperatures of 320 degrees fahrenheit for 30 seconds.  When combining different vinyl colors, we time 10 seconds after each placement until we complete the design with a final 20 second heat press.

We verify that the material is completely transferred and we add more time with the heat press until the material has fully merged in the cotton t-shirt. The is our complete custom t-shirt design process!

Why Submit My Own Design?

We are not perfect, we do not have everything. We know that each one of you has a great and wonderful imagination. We also know that you may have special days or occasions that we do not know of. We want to provide you with the best service possible. The best way to ensure your needs are satisfied is by giving you the option to submit your own idea, message, or design.

You know what you want! You know what you need! We are here to help you make that wish, that dream, and that occasion a success! We want to be there and provide you with top quality service. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our custom t-shirt designs. Our goal is to give you the best customized t-shirt for you, your friends and family.

How Do I Submit My Own Design?

The best way to submit your own design is by sending us an e-mail with your idea or text us. Contact Us and send us a picture,  logo,  design, or message of your idea. We want to do everything possible to make it happen for you. We welcome any ideas from you. We want to make your idea a reality and make the best custom t-shirt design for you.

Do you have a friend or family member who would enjoy one of our designs? Send a gift! At your request, we also give you to option to send a note or message of your choice with the custom t-shirt. Do you have your own idea for a t-shirt that you want to send to friends and family? Submit your own design! Make that idea become a reality. Let's work together to make it happen! We are positive that this page of the custom t-shirt design process will earn your trust and confidence in our product and service.

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