Launched Our Online Store on June 1st! Steer Custom T-Shirt Design!

We were very nervous and anxious. At the same time, we were very excited and happy.

We have never done this before and we invested a lot of time and money into this new business.

Two hard months working hard building a website while learning how to build one.

Two hard months creating designs while learning graphic design and adobe photoshop.

We had no idea what would happen but we were ready! We launched our site officially to start selling on June 1st, 2020. We thought we would be overwhelmed as we weren't fully ready. Fortunately, things were slow, and internet traffic was growing slightly. Edwin's last paycheck was coming at the end of June. We wanted our business to start earning by then so we wouldn't have any concerns.

Two weeks passed by. Nothing. We were anxious trying to promote our website and business online.

Finally! After so much hard work! Edwin receives his last paycheck. On that same week, began receiving amazing traffic of over 100-200 visitors per day!

Amazing enough, we had developed the idea of selling designs not just on t-shirts, but also on face masks!

When we began the face mask idea, it began to sell! We began to receive orders and we were so excited we danced and shouted with joy! Our face mask design page became a big hit in sales:

We began receiving orders for a week and a half giving us just enough to last through the summer without worries. We are so THANKFUL! We had amazing clients order amazing masks and we thank them so much for their support!

Here are some of the designs we have made thanks to them! Which they truly enjoyed by the way!


We are thankful to all the clients who supported our business and gave us a chance to serve them!

Our custom face masks are great. We make the masks ourselves with the help of Edwin's sister and mother. Now, Elissa has taken out her sewing machine and has began sowing as well! We are happy! We cannot wait to serve more clients. It has been an amazing learning experience this summer. We also hope that our custom t-shirt designs make progress! In the meantime, our custom and personalized face masks will suffice.

please share our website! support us, please!

Check back with us soon for more information on how we made this dream come true!!!!

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