Why Custom T-Shirt Designs?

To understand why we got into the custom t-shirt design business, here is a little bit about us: We are Edwin and Elissa Steer, newlyweds, and the founders of Steer Custom T-Shirt Design. 

Edwin is a full-time school bus driver, and Elissa is a third-grade bilingual teacher. We are passionate about our careers because we love working with children. We are very busy people as we use our free time to teach and help others in the ministry by preaching and conducting Bible studies. We love to preach in other countries during our summer breaks to help people learn from the Bible!

We love anything related to the Bible, and Edwin LOVES funny memes and videos. Why not put what we are passionate about into something that others can enjoy as well? We decided to start our small online store: Steer Custom T-Shirt Design. We are located in Georgetown TX.

Beginning with teacher t-shirtsfunny t-shirts, and Christian t-shirts, we began our selection of custom t-shirt designs to provide you with excellent quality tees.

Our Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to become an excellent internet website and match customers with the best customized t-shirts!

Why Custom T-Shirt Design?

As mentioned earlier, Edwin loves memes and funny videos. He's always been passionate about building a small business. Elissa knows teachers are always in need of custom t-shirts. Edwin asked: Why not start our own custom t-shirt design business? 

We can share funny messages, God's Word from the Bible, and customized t-shirts for teachers!

About us, now it is about you, And so it began...

Our idea turned into action! We had so much free time during this quarantine period of COVID-19 in the year 2020. We decided to take advantage of this time to start our small business and make it grow into a successful custom t-shirt design business.

After thorough research on hot press machines, printers, and cotton t-shirt materials, the Steers acquired the materials needed to run this business. We are excited to share our selection of custom cotton t-shirt designs and provide you with exciting and inspiring messages!

We continue to work hard to create more designs for your custom t-shirts. We are very excited to provide you with quality cotton t-shirts. We value you for taking the time to read about us and our mission. Please, look at the selections we have available. Come back to us soon as we continue to add more and more custom t-shirt designs for you.

the process 1
the process 2

Our wishes are for you to enjoy the custom t-shirt designs and put a smile on people's faces. Our hope is to inspire you and others with powerful messages and designs. Our desire is to bring joy and inspiration into your lives, to make you smile and enjoy your comfortable customized cotton t-shirt designs.

Submit Your Own Design, Send a Gift!

We are growing to provide more for every one of you. If your favorite message is not in our selection, you can submit your own design to have your own customized tees. If you have your own custom t-shirt ideas to share with us, we are very open to accepting your suggestions.

Submit your order online, Our custom t-shirt designs are the most perfect and unique gifts for a friend or family member. We are constantly adding new t-shirt ideas and designs to fit your needs.

Send a gift to your friend or family member. We will have it delivered for you. We are certain, that you will be satisfied with our comfortable cotton t-shirts. Thank you for supporting our business. Thank you for reading our About Us page.

We value your support and are confident that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy our custom t-shirt designs. We will continue to provide unique t-shirt designs that fit your needs. Submit your own Design!

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